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Happy! My first trial of dividend stocks – 0.9% yield in 3 months

I've been reading up and experimenting on dividend/income stocks since end 2014, and I am getting more and more convinced that a long term perspective of dividend investing is one of the ways to go to build an income for life, and I started experimenting with researching some potential income stocks and taking the plunge to invest.

So far, within 3 months, I've gotten a modest yield of 0.95%, so perhaps estimated over 12 months the yield could be 3.8%, assuming status quo (0.95% for 1 quarter, hence 4 quarters will be 0.95% x 4).

The goal here is to build a six-figure dividend portfolio over the next 15 years, so I'll reinvest as much as I can of the dividends (tithe 10% on the dividends) plus with regular capital injections.

Of course, I'll keep researching better and better companies, and ensuring I buy them as fair a value as I can – keep you posted!