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Fraud Scam Genius

Many of the self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus are scammers, but one of my experience tells me how high level one is.

So one of the programs I went for (yes, I am sorry but this happened before I actually woke up from the same cycle of being scammed-feeling-bad-scammed-again).

Yet, I am unashamed because my intentions and heart was noble: I wanted to learn how to make money on the side/online so that I can supplement my income and more importantly, spend time with my loved ones more (especially once I have kids).

I had signed up for one of the high cost programs about $2000+, and when I went for the course, I was shown all the fancy email marketing software that he used which was Infusionsoft, and how they all interlinked from one to another based on what the reader/buyer does (very much a “If This Then That” thing) and it was all impressive and confusing.

But one thing I did remember was that in his class, he showed us how to make money selling his programs and products. I remember this vividly because I followed his system and lo and behold, I did make some money overnight (I had to spend money to buy leads and clicks first through solo ads, but the nett was I still lost money – it's a numbers game) and when I showed the class, many of them was amazed.

It's nothing amazing la – it's just a system.

What interested me more was:

I had paid thousands to join the class, and I was taught to sell his products to make money, and he made money whenever I made money online selling his products

It's freaking brilliant – I had paid thousands of dollars to learn how to do advertising and sales for his products! Of course, it does make sense to use his products and system as a training tool rather than another persons/guru, but it feels kinda rip-off to me.

In the end, I end up as one of his “feeders” to find more clients for him, I pay for the leads and clicks, whatever marketing and advertising or website building is my costs, but no matter what, he always make 50% from it.

It's bloody fucking brilliant – genius level.

We weren't taught anything else other than how to market his course and products.

Within a few weeks and months of that course, I had told my coursemates that I no longer want to participate in his stuff, and stayed away from the make money online niche. I only came back to promote Wealthy Affiliate because it has taught me how to make money online, and my niche is actually in health and wellness products.

What about yourself?

If you’re a student, stay at home mum (SAHM), working full time or part time, or retired: you must build an online business on the side. Please don’t quit your job yet, build it on the side until it’s profitable enough to replace your salary, then you have more options.

It’s not a luxury but truly a necessity for your future.

I’ve built multiple businesses (and lost multiple too) and I can tell you frankly that building a business on the internet is the cheapest/most cost-effective way to business. There are thousands of people who do so sharing on topics that they’re passionate about (like how NigelChua.com shares on passive income and online business, which is my passion…for years now).

I know I am making some money online (see my income reports), and I know my financial future is getting better and better. But it is not easy, and takes a lot of time to learn and apply but I am building my passive income internet businesses that will work for me day in, day out; serving readers and customers profitably and delivering value 24/7.

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