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Focus on multiple streams of recurring passive income

As time goes by, I find it more and more vital, pertinent and relevant to build and acquire more and more streams of recurring passive income – this is the way of our future, literally.

It's not rocket science – the older we get, the more difficult it is to work for active recurring income. Our health, strength and stamina will change. Perhaps that is the reason why my life reason has been moving in the direction of focusing on the Passive Income Lifestyle, after all these years of NigelChua.com stagnating without a purpose and mission.

It's also hardly surprising – I WANT to spend more time with my loved ones (I want to be able to spend more time with my children as they grow up), my family, my close friends and be with them. Of course, maybe they can't stand too much of me, so maybe I will have some spare time to teach, speak and train maybe?

Regardless of whatever it is, the more multiple streams of income I have, the more options I have in life. I get to choose more – choice and flexibility IS a luxury.

What about you? What are you doing for your Passive Income Lifestyle?

2 thoughts on “Focus on multiple streams of recurring passive income

    1. Hi Jackie – thanks for this. It’s true – as I grow older (and hopefully wiser) and seeing/experience more things in life, I am increasingly convinced that having multiple streams of passive income and living off them is really good (at this point in writing, my passive income through my investments hovers around $24K per year, and I need to bump that up to $100K to be at a comfortable point) – am looking forward to increasing my portfolio of passive income assets! =D

      I think the more important part of passive income is having option and the flexibility to do what is meaningful, and what I term as “living a rich life” that is full of experiences and life moments, be it with loved ones or pursuing something that catches our interest/passion in time.

      Lets keep moving forward =)

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