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Disdain and Distrust For MLM, and no, you’re not bad if you do MLM

This article covers my disdain, dislike and distrust of all multi-level marketing programs and companies. Doesn't matter if you call it network marketing: it's the same.

Basically, in a summary:

  • it's overpriced your uplines/toplines
  • you can “sell” the products or choose to “sell” the dream (often this is the way people do it
  • the products tend to be substandard (to increase profit margins of course, to pay uplines and toplines)
  • normally everyone has to pay and get the monthly sales of their own personal consumption “to ensure they too can say that they're consumers” when in actual fact, it's to “feed the system”
  • it's shitty because it tends to use hype to motivate you to sell it to your family and friends and you generally lose family and friends because of this, and you get sick and tired of getting rejected and losing family and friends
  • in the end, the business doesn't belong to you ie if the MLM company you're in closes today, you entire network and compensation is gone. Poof.

And that summarizes why I dislike and distrust MLM companies. They're not scams at the lower level of recruits, but scams at the topmost level executives because it no longer adds value but takes value by selling dreams to people with pure motives, and doesn't even belong to you in the end.

And it's ok, I don't care if I annoy those who are in MLM, or ruffle some. But…if you're thinking about joining a MLM, or already part of one, please, lend me your ears for a few minutes and hear me out.

Do allow me to give you some perspectives as being someone on the outside (note: I had participated in Herbalife, Amway, Jeunesse before, so I have some inkling of how it works). Usually when someone is in a group, group dynamics and actions done in the group is seen as normal…though it's not.

Also, when you've paid or have been paying for something, you may not like it that I say that it's not good. Because you don't want to feel stupid or believe that you've done something stupid.

It's ok, you can get angry at me.

I've done it a few times to others too, but it's important enough for me to risk this. You have been ripped off and deluded, and I will not call you stupid: you are smart and have good intentions, and this is all part of the journey to success, and sometimes we learn what works and what doesn't along the way.

I mean, that's how we all succeed right?

Think about first time we cycle: we had fallen a lot of times before we got it right, right?

This article discusses both sides of the MLM fence, of those who love MLM versus those who hate MLM. Regardless, it's data points to consider.

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You have to hustle and sell aggressively in MLM

Whether you like it or not, you are the hard-selling and pushing salesman that goes from door to door, or the one that stands at the corner of the street. The one that sells your special program to your friends, people…or should I call them prospects?

You likely have to sell something that no one has ever heard of, and you do that because of the possibility and opportunity to get others to do the same as you are…just that if you recruited them, it'd be at your profit.

Every MLM is the same. You will be told that

  • you have to speak to all your family and friends
  • you have to make cold calls
  • you have to talk about it every day
  • you have to write about it on your Facebook or social media
  • you have to keep calling your prospects
  • you have to keep checking on your downlines
  • you have to keep taking and boasting on how great the products are

That is the hustle, and inasmuch as I like hustling, in the case of MLM, you're tainting your personal reputation. It's really annoying to hear and be pitched again and again about a product that I don't care about or the business opportunity that will make me X amount of dollars tapping on the relationships and employees I have.

My relationships are important to me, and I am not going to waste or heckle my family, friends and colleagues (well, not anymore at least in terms of MLM). Once you get someone in, the you have to convince them to stay and to convince them to keep consuming the products that are…

Unfairly and purposely overpriced…for the bloody sake of compensation

The way to make money for any MLM company is to:

  • cheapen the product in terms of ingredients, production and distribution
  • increase the price 5 -8x to pay all the uplines and toplines

Now I don't mind paying good money for good quality and high value stuff that I care about, but MLM gets you to sell overpriced junk to people you actually care about. And worse, these junk can be unsafe, untested and even dangerous.

But often, the products are just “for show” to be able to legally shy away from being called a ponzi scheme. Products “can” legalize Ponzi schemes by then calling it MLM…because most of the time, it's got NOTHING to do with the product.

Most of the time, you're gotten to keep recruiting people into joining the program so that they in turn, can recruit other to do the same. Sounds like a pyramid ponzi scheme yet?

Also, most MLM has a fee to join, and most of them require you to purchase their products, consume or sell them away “to keep your points and membership active”. Look on Amazon and eBay, the number of MLM such as Herbalife, Jeunesse etc products that the people are “flushing” to buy their PV or CV points.

And the problem is that all the MLM products have to be jacked up 5-8x to pay the compensation structure of the program.

If MLM companies build high quality products and not overprice their stuff, they will die really quickly. They don't pride themselves on getting good things to their customers at a good price: they rely on selling people on the high price so that they can earn…and recruit others who will do the same and get a cut of the profits.

And the endless vicious cycle continues.

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Please don't mix them up, affiliate marketing is legal, ethical and moral way to promote products in return for commission, whereas MLM is unethical way to promote product in exchange for recruitment fees, recruiting others to do the same.

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