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Data Entry Jobs Fraud And Scam Exposed

If you Google “data entry jobs”, you'd get more than 66,100,000 hits; and in January 2016, more than 21000 people searched for that exact phrase, and Google Trends shows that the search term is stabilizing but it hasn't dipped/died down – it's still constant.

Some questions that you have to ask:

  • are there really 66 million data entry jobs available out there?
  • the 21000 people who searched for it in January – are they all working in data entry from home? Are there any of them?
  • what are the odds you and me can get a data entry job?

Frankly, the odds are very, very low, if not zero. I'm believing that data entry jobs are not freely available, and most of the “ads” for those out there today are scams, frauds or downright doesn't do what it says it does. I still believe that you can make more money and higher chances of making money by building an online business rather than trying to type your way to income online.

What you can and should do

Scams such as data entry jobs survive and thrive on our ignorance and its emotional appeal – let's put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the evil/scammy/dirty tricks of these data entry conmen that serves to mooch, leech and cheat you.

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