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Childhood memory of Seremban living

Out of nowhere, I suddenly recalled some memories of my life as a kid, when we all were staying in Seremban still. I recall our corner house with the ridiculously high ceiling, the long garden and the dogs that my late father used to keep.

Kim, was one of his rottweilers, and I remember the day we had to give her away as we moved to JB, he was very sad. I think we all were sad, and cried together.

We had a few of those known-ferocious types of dogs – the rottweilers and bull terriers. But you know what, I don't remember being afraid of those dogs at all. It was my dad who trained them and he had shared with us that these dogs are often misunderstood and badly-trained to attack humans.

In fact, these breeds are very intelligent and highly loyal to their master and trainer.

I chuckle as I write this – my dad told me that his dogs were very afraid of us, because we were the terrible boys (or at least me) – we would terrorize the dogs when we were young, sit on them like they were horses and disturb them.

My dad was a relatively simple, quiet and observant man, with his quiet hobbies of gardening and tending to his dogs and fishes. And I miss him.