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Seems Like My Plans For Online Business Ramp-Up Almost Always Get Side Tracked

Ugh. I’ve shared earlier that I had plans to: outsource some content creation on NigelChua.com – this got shelved as the writing agency don’t have the expertise to write on what I’m slanted to (which I’m secretly happy about) two WordPress-based niche sites that I’m 100% outsourcing – just in Month 2 of outsourcing, my […]

How I Ended Up Not Outsourcing Content Creation On NigelChua.com…And Why I’m Actually Secretly Happy About It

About a month plus ago, I shared with you that I was planning to outsource some content creation here in NigelChua.com (it’s part of my larger projects of outsourcing the development of 2 WordPress-based niche businesses) and everything was going well until the head writer came up with a list of topics to write on. […]

Why I’m Outsourcing Content Creation And Two Niche WordPress-Based Businesses

Continuing my post from last week where I shared that I’m engaging a company to develop 2 niche WordPress-based businesses outsource content creation for both of the 2 niche WordPress sites above as well as for NigelChua.com Let me first assure you again that NigelChua.com is my labor of love, and I will never abandon […]