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Becoming Happier By Removing Negatives In Your Life, One Step A Time

A common but elusive pursuit that happens to most of society is this “Pursuit Of Happiness” – there are scores of books, blogs and even movies about it, and unfortunately most of the time, the story revolves around resilience ie bearing hardship for a while, and then in the end, you achieve something and then […]

Overcoming Invisible Scripts Important For Success

Last week, I shared an article called Insurance Invisible Scripts, and it started off as one of the typical stories of people who actually would benefit from having an affordable insurance to help them with physiotherapy and rehabilitation BUT because of their invisible scripts of “I KNOW (BUT I WONT DO IT ANYWAY)” and assumptions […]

Routine Will Set You Free

Controversial or weird as that may sound, but it is not an opinion. It is a tried-and-tested fact, classic, evergreen, always here to stay. It’s our habits that form us today, us tomorrow, and our future. Everywhere I go, as I speak to people, read the news, see on Facebook etc, I always get the […]

80/20, Essentialism, Basics, Fundamentals, Principles

Originally, this article was supposed to be on Essentialism, which is a word that was in my mind for the last couple of weeks; as I kept thinking that in business, life, relationships, everything, should focus on the essentials rather than pursuing the fringe and shiny stuff. But it’s truly a combination of a few […]

Tim Ferriss’s Latest Book: Tools Of Titans

This is a blog post derived from Tim Ferriss’s email newsletter that I receive from him, and it’s basically his words which succinctly summarizes Tools Of Titans. I am an avid follower of Tim, ever since his first book called 4-Hour Workweek, and I followed him and listened to his podcasts and blog. He is […]

Going Back To Basics: Strong Fundamentals Rule

As I grow older, I value the significance and importance of having very strong fundamentals – you know, the basics of the basics. I get this feeling that going strong on fundamentals on certain stuff is key to success. You know, stuff like: waking up early at 4.40 AM to meditate, run and then do […]

Protect Yourself and Children From Haze: Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier

  We bought two of the Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier units and placed them in our flagship physiotherapy and rehab centers in Singapore, to run the entire time the clinics are operational, and especially during the haze periods from Indonesia and Malaysia. The sales agent had explained to me that comparing the the […]

2015: The Year Of Unapologetic Mastery

In a recent post where I reminisced over 2014: Reflections, I shared with you that I will write about the projections for 2015, and I want to introduce to you that 2015 will be the year of unapologetic mastery. 2015 will be dedicated to mastery, and there will be no apologies or being apologetic about […]