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I run experiments dedicated to building Passive Income Businesses and acquiring Passive Income Investments, so you'll know exactly how to build your Passive Income Lifestyle.

Solo Build It Versus Self-Hosted WordPress (My Conclusion After Years Of Use)

WordPress is very different from Solo Build It; in my experience since I used both since 2008/2009; and I had been struggling with this thought/dilemma, for years! “Should I Use WordPress Or Solo Build It For My New Ideas?” Ask my wife: she’d laugh aloud as it’s been something that I had been asking her […]

NigelChua.com Down For 3+ Days Gosh

I recently made a call to cull many of my unused/unutilized websites and web service providers, so I can focus my energies and attention on lesser but key mid/longer term online businesses. This freed up some resources, and I decided to upgrade my Bluehost webhosting plan which was the Plus plan to the Business pro […]

Happy New Year 2017 + Short Update

Happy New Year 2017! The old has gone, the new has come, it’s a new year, it’s a new start, it’s a new beginning. 2016 blew right by, didn’t it? Strangely, the years are buzzing by so quickly – I think as I grow older, time really flies faster. It is a whole new year, […]

Future Proofing

Future Proofing refers to the active exploration, participation and honing of skills, assets and experiences that can and will contribute to one’s better future Future Proofing by itself sounds a little space-agey and in the distant future, but the more I think about it, the more the idea sinks in. All I do today can […]

Recipe For Success

We have come across many types of poems, memes and statements stating something like: Talent, intellect/intelligene, IQ, beauty cannot replace consistent hard work, refining and going towards a certain goal and direction. The world has its fair share of talented, smart and beautiful people who aren’t successful. The elusive “success” is a combination-cumulation of several […]

Focus and Clarity Of NigelChua.com

Following the article “Coming Full Circle” last week, I’m setting the tone for NigelChua.com to be: 90% focused on building Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) and 10% focused on building Passive Income Investing (PII) portfolio The reason for this format and structure is because: I prefer a passive investing approach, hence I don’t want to […]

Why You Need An Online Business Even If You’re Employed

All the successful companies that rank high in the world today, think Dell, Microsoft, Apple – all started in garages. All during the founders free time, after work or over the weekends. This means that they likely hustled very much in the beginning, trying their best to not waste time and focusing on their side […]

Coming Full Circle

Seems like I’m coming full circle in NigelChua.com – earlier, I had written that this website is all about one thing: Building and Living The Passive Income Lifestyle And to me, that’s done by two approaches: Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) Passive Income Investing (PII) These two are closely interlinked financially, in a sense I […]