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I run experiments dedicated to building Passive Income Businesses and acquiring Passive Income Investments, so you'll know exactly how to build your Passive Income Lifestyle.

George Clason’s Richest Man In Babylon

I found the exerpts from Wikipedia on George Clason’s Richest Man In Babylon (link can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Richest_Man_in_Babylon_(book)) and share it here with you. I have read and re-read it many times, and I recommend you buy the book to have the full explanations. The Richest Man in Babylon is a book by George […]

I Got An Email From A Reader Asking How To Start Making Money Online (And My Answer)

In May 2017, I got this email from a reader Aftab: My reply to him was: Hi Aftab, no problems – I try my best to avail myself and answer my readers – I am actually interested in helping you earn your first $1 (and first $1000 online too). Few things: please always address me […]

Becoming Happier By Removing Negatives In Your Life, One Step A Time

A common but elusive pursuit that happens to most of society is this “Pursuit Of Happiness” – there are scores of books, blogs and even movies about it, and unfortunately most of the time, the story revolves around resilience ie bearing hardship for a while, and then in the end, you achieve something and then […]

What NigelChua.com Is Really About…

…is really a concept of freedom financially, mentally and emotionally. Yes, I write what I write here because my big dream and vision and hope for you, my readers is that I want you to be free and happy. The three pillars of achieving basic freedom for me in my personal experience is Cutting back […]