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Risk Free Guarantee Means No Refunds

Always read the fine print and fine, especially when you come across dubious get-rich-quick schemes you will find weird guarantees. Sometimes you may come across some offers and opportunities that state “Risk Free Guarantee” but please note that this isn’t a 100% refund. It simply means that the guarantee that it (product or program) works […]

Ten Tips To Avoid Being Scammed Online

There are literally hundreds and thousands of online scams out there (if not more), and many of them are disguised as the safe, DIY home business kinds, but there are many hard-pushing and evil ones too. In the beginning it’s kind of hard to tell, but once you study it and experience it, you’d be […]

Starting An Online Gig On The Side

Ever since I’ve been talking about this, I am finding that more and more people I speak to in Singapore, be it Singaporeans, PRs or even expats are looking increasingly to having a business on the side. And this is very, very good, because of one main reason: having a side income gives you not […]

Agloco Not Working

I chanced upon Agloco in 2008 when it was hot and I learnt it from reading JohnChow’s blog, and it promises to be a paid-to-surf the net business. Agloco was a paid to surf program that was technically and theoretically, will pay the members for the time they spend online (of course, there are terms […]

Pay Us Money Or We’ll Kill this Puppy Scam

Scammers are getting smarter and more evolved – and we must also evolve and learn to identify scams, and avoid them like the plague. The headline seems a little extreme, but it’s not a new scam. It’s been around for some time just that I hadn’t heard about it before. So instead of the usual […]

Fraud Scam Genius

Many of the self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus are scammers, but one of my experience tells me how high level one is. So one of the programs I went for (yes, I am sorry but this happened before I actually woke up from the same cycle of being scammed-feeling-bad-scammed-again). Yet, I am unashamed because my intentions […]

Disdain and Distrust For MLM, and no, you’re not bad if you do MLM

This article covers my disdain, dislike and distrust of all multi-level marketing programs and companies. Doesn’t matter if you call it network marketing: it’s the same. Basically, in a summary: it’s overpriced your uplines/toplines you can “sell” the products or choose to “sell” the dream (often this is the way people do it the products […]

It’s Possibly A Scam If…

…if you have to pay $47, $97, $197 or some other figure ending with 7 to start a job ..if you don’t know exactly what you’d be doing and exactly how much you get paid to do it ..if you’re promised you’d be making $25,781 or some other jumbled up 5, 6 or 7 digits […]