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Should I Start With Wealthy Affiliate, Solo Build It or Affilorama?

I’m so happy that I’m getting more emails directly from my readers, and one of my readers mailed to ask me this: ​Hi Nigel, I just got your affiliate guide and I thank you. I found you by searching out SBI. From what I have read on your site, you have some diverse ideas about […]

I Got An Email From A Reader Asking How To Start Making Money Online (And My Answer)

In May 2017, I got this email from a reader Aftab: My reply to him was: Hi Aftab, no problems – I try my best to avail myself and answer my readers – I am actually interested in helping you earn your first $1 (and first $1000 online too). Few things: please always address me […]

Connecting The Elusive Dots On Making Money Online

I’ve struggled, tried, experimented and meddled with making money online since 2002, with little success (my best was about 1 year plus of earning $10-$20 per month online, but I daren’t call that success). With the recent sign up of AffiloJetPack, going through the course and quickly applying what the course taught, I am slowly […]

Another Thing I Learnt About Making Money Online And Online Success…

…is that I need to focus on higher value, larger ticket items. The “lowest entry” should make affiliates (including myself) at least $40 per sale for it to be meaningful to our earnings. When I saw this, I immediately thought about my Xtend Life and SellHealth affiliate commissions. Xtend Life’s commissions are very low, usually […]

Learning Curve With New Internet Marketing Course (AffiloJetPack) Purchased

I had recently decided to purchase Mark Ling’s AffiloJetPack, and as I go through the course, I realize that there is so many things I hadn’t taken action with and hadn’t connected the dots – maybe that’s why I hadn’t “cracked” the make money online code. I’ve been very skewed on Solo Build It (previously […]

4th April 2017 Xtend Life Affiliate Commission

This is one of my Xtend Life affiliate commissions. Receiving such “You’ve made an affiliate commission” and “You’ve been paid” always brings a smile to my face as it tells me that all my hard work to build an online business has paid off, and I’ve served yet another happy customer….and it always make me […]