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Can you make $1000s per week taking surveys from Surveylot.com?

Have you ever got an unknown, unsolicted and unexpected cheque from Surveylot.com?

I hope you hadn't, or if you had, I hope you didn't take it to the bank and try to cash it – you can be jailed. There are hundreds, if not thousands of con/scam artists and organizations out there that sing and dance to you and promise you how to make a lot of money by taking online surveys…

…ok let's face the facts: not all are legit, and not many want and need massive surveys that are so easily “encashed”.

The real question is not “does a paid survey really pay?” – it's more like: “which surveys actually pay?”


Surveylot.com promises to help you find free paid surveys, online jobs and work at home opportunities right for you – fast, easy and free. Fortune 500 companies need your opinions – get paid for it. And you can work from home, choose your hours and earn up to $150 per hour and $1000+ per week!

So…does it work?

When you sign up for it, it'd log you in as a email subscriber, and start “feeding you/your email” paid survey opportunities from OTHER companies. This means that you and I who sign up for it, and if we fill up the surveys, Surveylot.com will receive compensation from the other companies as part of a Pay-Per-Lead CPA program.

Means you and I don't get much, if anything at all. But I'll try it anyway, to test it out.

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