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“My kid is out to destroy my schedule”

This article was originally titled: What A Busy, Tiring, Stressful But Fun Time!, but I decided to edit the title with the statement my best friend Hendri made – it's a more catchy and powerful statement =)

I'll be the first to admit it – I'm stretched and stressed out.

I'm busy, tired, stressed – but I'm having quite a bit of fun. I'm currently running an experiment after purchasing Mark Ling's AffiloJetPack, made A LOT of changes to NigelChua.com (all the changes here) and interestingly, this season I've so many individuals and people coming to me with ideas, proposals and options to build and grow businesses.

Add that to having to launch a new 1400+ square feet clinic as well as 2-year old kid and a 8-week old newborn, it is really tough.

I like how my best friend Hendri puts it:

“My kid is out to destroy my schedule.”

Which I really understand and resonated with – I mean, with 2 kids now, my wife and my time is so stretched that we take dibs in trying to out-maneuver each other to squeeze a little more time to do work.

Definitely not easy.

I am also building a website with the niche of dating tips for women, and am slowly adding content (I'm reaaaaaaaaallly slow because of all the work and life commitments, so right now there is less than 7 pages written only. My plan is to complete the “core contents” of the website >> add the squeeze pages >> drive paid traffic to build a mailing list. There is also mailing list sign up at the footer of the website of which readers who sign up there will be ideal/sweet spot, but new websites take a long time to gain in authority and ranking in SEO, which is why I will use a combination of paid traffic in beginning, setting aside $50 to $200 per month in the first 6 – 12 months until the sign ups from SEO is on par with my budget.

Hmm, if paid advertising justifies with sales – maybe I should just continue? Hmmm…food for thought. But I want to focus on content first because if visitors land on the squeeze page then head to the website which is predominantly empty, that's not very good – it'd be better to be filled with content =)

I'm also trying my best to add content to this site, especially when I get notifications of affiliate commissions as well as the month end reporting too – please bear with me as I conduct this experiment which will take time away from NigelChua.com.

Other Updates

  • At the same time, it's nice to know that with the addition of the paid Thrive Leads, there are additional email signups and I can compare which part converts visitors compared to the other parts.
  • I hadn't tested Thrive Content Builder which I used to create some squeeze pages here on NigelChua, but I hadn't had the time to engage in driving traffic to them to test conversion – that'd be something I'd like to test too.
  • I love Thrive Leads and Thrive Content Builder, so I dropped them an email that I'd like to be an affiliate for them but they said I'm too small/junior to join them. It's a real shame, but I understand their move commercially – it's easier to work with better/stronger affiliates rather than “wasting energy” on budding ones.
  • Added solo advertizing resource Udimi to NigelChua.com, which is a great resource for you when you start out online – paid advertising gives quick results on conversion rates for your squeeze pages and email sequence BUT it costs money (anything from $0.35 to $0.80 PER click) but it's a numbers game. If you sign up through my Udimi link, you will also get $5 discount when you register =)

Update you again soon ok =)