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Agloco Not Working

I chanced upon Agloco in 2008 when it was hot and I learnt it from reading JohnChow's blog, and it promises to be a paid-to-surf the net business.

Agloco was a paid to surf program that was technically and theoretically, will pay the members for the time they spend online (of course, there are terms and conditions), so if you signed up for Agloco then, you may have gotten shocked with the shocking email from them some time back (this is a waaaaaaay overdue post, being 8 years late – yes, and sorry, I was building an offline specialist physiotherapy business).

So they indicated that

Our first data points are in with our AGLOCO/Ask search system. Average net revenue for AGLOCO per click is already over US$0.20 – the average Member click through rate on ads on the Ask search page – 20% to 25% of the time the ad is clicked on (one ad click for every 4 to 5 searches).

That being said, a $0.20 per click is actually pretty ok, when you compare and relate to other pay-per-click (PPC) rates. And 20-25% click through is good – seem ok right?

Not ok. They added in their email:

If every AGLOCO Member did 4 to 5 Ask searches a day and they clicked on average just one ad, the revenue generated for the AGLOCO community would be US$6.00 per month per Member. This would be a great start to building revenue for Member distributions.

Here's the problems coming up – the “ifs” and “if only” was a distress signal, because this is more as a resort to hype up possibilities to us ie “If X amount of people buy/do this, then we'll get Y” scenario. Not good.

Note, the $6 that is revenue is not going to us – it goes to Agloco first and then Agloco AFTER making profit, will distribute the extras to the members.

AGLOCO’s challenge is to get every Member to have the Viewbar open all the time and to use the Ask search box to make their searches.

If you haven’t used the Viewbar to do an Ask search. We implore you to do it now. Member feedback on the Ask search results has been extremely favorable (most Members reporting they rate Ask results as good as Google’s or better.).


So what happens to the 5 hours of Agloco viewbar time that I did? Isn't it of value or creditable to me at least?

So now I've to leave it on the whole time and use it?


It's hardly surprising why Agloco's bitten the dust and dead – go to their website and you'll see, it's dead.

What about yourself?

If you’re a student, stay at home mum (SAHM), working full time or part time, or retired: you must build an online business on the side. Please don’t quit your job yet, build it on the side until it’s profitable enough to replace your salary, then you have more options.

It’s not a luxury but truly a necessity for your future.

I’ve built multiple businesses (and lost multiple too) and I can tell you frankly that building a business on the internet is the cheapest/most cost-effective way to business. There are thousands of people who do so sharing on topics that they’re passionate about (like how NigelChua.com shares on passive income and online business, which is my passion…for years now).

I know I am making some money online (see my income reports), and I know my financial future is getting better and better. But it is not easy, and takes a lot of time to learn and apply but I am building my passive income internet businesses that will work for me day in, day out; serving readers and customers profitably and delivering value 24/7.

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