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2nd Inspirational Meeting with Warren Matthews Xtend-Life Founder


I had another meeting with Warren (CEO of Xtend-Life) as he stopped over in Singapore, and I must say, meeting him is usually pretty educational and inspirational – I really like his dedication to quality, affordability and to his own health.

I mean, take a look at the a man, man. He's 70. He's buff, healthy, and even takes time to sail – alone – on his sailboat. He's fit as fit can be, and that's very inspiring, as a man. I would bet that he's waaaaaaaaaay healthier and fitter than me (I work out about 3 – 4x per week, and watch my semi-paleo-low-carb diet)

We chatted about how I can serve him better as an Xtend-Life affiliate in XtendHealthAsia.com, upcoming promotions and products, and just generally hung out for a bit.

I'm still excited and more importantly, very focused on building this for the long term.

Keep you posted!