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2016 December Passive Income Report

Every month I try my best to compile all the income and expenses that I occur in my pursuit of building and living the passive income lifestyle and please understand that I didn’t get to where I am overnight or through miracles – it is an ongoing progress, and has been a long road filled with lots of hustle and my fair share of mistakes.

And yet, through persistence and passion and continuous focus for progress, I’m slowly and surely building something amazing for myself, my family, for you to learn here in NigelChua.com

Passive Income Internet Business


Xtend Life Natural Health Supplements USD$ 62.32

  • 12th December 2016: USD 7.18
  • 12th December 2016: USD 23.56
  • 22nd December 2016: USD 8.12
  • 23rd December 2016: USD 44.20
  • 27th December 2016: USD 6.53

Amazon $0

Wealthy Affiliate $0

SellHealth $0

Aquasana $0

Total Online Business Income USD 89.59


Site Build It! (SBI) USD 24.90 (read my SBI review here)
Wealthy Affiliates USD 24.90 (read my Wealthy Affiliate review here)

Total Expenses USD 49.80

Nett Online Business Profit: USD$ 39.79

A few things here for this month:

  • You’d realize that my cost for Wealthy Affiliates went down from $29.90 per month to $24.90 per month, and this is because I’ve signed a Black Friday deal with them that decreased my yearly cost from $359 per year ($29.91 per month) to $299 per year ($24.90 per month)

I’m gradually cutting out Site Build It-powered sites for my affiliate sites, and I conclude that Site Build It is super for professional service sites which have done very well for my physiotherapy business. I will maintain my SBI-powered therapy sites, but future affiliate sites will all be powered by Wealthy Affiliates/WordPress.

I am feeling myself being overly stretched with more than 10+ websites both under Site Build It and Wealthy Affiliate, and it's time to cull out some distractions again. I will write more of this in a separate post.

Passive Income Investing

  • K1 Ventures SGD 120.00
  • K1 Ventures GSD 450
  • Accordia Golf SGD 379.75
  • AF Global Distribution SGD 500.00
  • AF Global Dividend SGD 400.00
  • TTJ SGD 255.00
  • Asian Pay TV SGD 243.75

Total dividends received SGD 2348.50

It’s a nice month of dividends, and always look forward to receiving dividends from the dividend stocks that I’ve been investing over time with. This is the most passive form of investing in a sense that once you’ve researched which dividend stocks are stable and reliable, invest in them consistently and reap the dividends over time (here in Singapore, it’s linked to my personal bank account so the dividends are wired directly into my bank account).