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10th Day 5 AM

Wow, it's the 10th day in a row of my 5 AM habit setup, and I likely won't post this kind of daily posts anymore, until I've hit a milestone, say 30 days in a row – it's becoming a little too repetitive and in the way of business.

Some quick updates related to this daily 5 AM routine:

  • daily exercises of 20 minutes jogging + 20 minutes plyometrics
  • daily short meditation on God's words and prayer
  • daily supplement taking to start the day
  • daily thinking time to structure my achievables for the day
  • daily execution of daily targets

I'm surprised that waking up 5 AM has been pretty useful for me in kicking up many notches my productivity, healthy, spirituality – I often wondered to myself that “I'd love to wake up early” yet never got down to doing it, because it seems so difficult, like something only “super people can do.”

What I love about this habit is that I get the opportunity to get work done in the early mornings and until evenings, and then I can spend time with my family without being too bugged down by work.

My late father used to wake up very early too.

But it never clicked until recently. And if you too want to wake up early, I've no special tips for you:

  • just set the alarm at 5 AM
  • go to bed by latest 11 PM

And then when the alarm rings, you just get up. I put my phone alarm outside the room so I have to physically stand up and walk to the phone to turn the alarm off, and then I take my supplements and “slowly” wake up over 10-15 minutes.

What a super habit, to wake up early.