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I Got An Email From A Reader Asking How To Start Making Money Online (And My Answer)

In May 2017, I got this email from a reader Aftab: My reply to him was: Hi Aftab, no problems – I try my best to avail myself and answer my readers – I am actually interested in helping you earn your first $1 (and first $1000 online too). Few things: please always address me […]

Why I’m Outsourcing Content Creation And Two Niche WordPress-Based Businesses

Continuing my post from last week where I shared that I’m engaging a company to develop 2 niche WordPress-based businesses outsource content creation for both of the 2 niche WordPress sites above as well as for NigelChua.com Let me first assure you again that NigelChua.com is my labor of love, and I will never abandon […]

Celebrate Independence With Solo Build It’s 33% Discount (Last Day)

If you’re in America, today you’re celebrating the birth of your nation, and remembering everything your forefathers did to provide an environment in which liberty and the pursuit of happiness could flourish. Whether you share in those celebrations or not, there’s no doubt that solopreneurs around the world are rejoicing in their freedom to pursue […]

28th June 2017 Xtend Life Affiliate Commission

This is one of my Xtend Life affiliate commissions payouts. Receiving such “You’ve made an affiliate commission” and “You’ve been paid” always brings a smile to my face as it tells me that all my hard work to build an online business has paid off, and I’ve served yet another happy customer….and it always make […]