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Pay Us Money Or We’ll Kill this Puppy Scam

Scammers are getting smarter and more evolved – and we must also evolve and learn to identify scams, and avoid them like the plague. The headline seems a little extreme, but it’s not a new scam. It’s been around for some time just that I hadn’t heard about it before. So instead of the usual […]

Structuring my day…and life

Recently I’ve been looking at my schedule and have been struggling with the past weeks – my little girl fell sick, people visit, things happen – and all these changes my schedule and days and programs, often making me change the plan on a very last-minute, impromptu basis. ….and often leading to poorer outcomes and […]

Fraud Scam Genius

Many of the self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus are scammers, but one of my experience tells me how high level one is. So one of the programs I went for (yes, I am sorry but this happened before I actually woke up from the same cycle of being scammed-feeling-bad-scammed-again). Yet, I am unashamed because my intentions […]

Disdain and Distrust For MLM, and no, you’re not bad if you do MLM

This article covers my disdain, dislike and distrust of all multi-level marketing programs and companies. Doesn’t matter if you call it network marketing: it’s the same. Basically, in a summary: it’s overpriced your uplines/toplines you can “sell” the products or choose to “sell” the dream (often this is the way people do it the products […]

Stay At Home Mums, Learn To Make Money Online

This post not only applies to Stay At Home Mums (SAHMs), but also to those who are separated, divorced, widowed or single. A couple of months back I met a friend who wanted to introduce me to a business partner of hers, and from the whatsapp conversation, I knew in advance that she’s involved in […]

Cheapo Way To Save Money During Lunch And Dinner

As I find the value of Wealthy Affiliate very high, I constantly think of ways how to afford the annual $359 for my readers who wants to learn and actually make money online. I am already making money online by applying what I have learnt from Wealthy Affiliate, see some of my online affiliate commissions […]

Defiance: A Closer Look

In June 2016, I wrote a piece called Defiance: The Importance Of People Who Don’t Believe In You, and I shared on how defiance to norms that people wished to inflict on me, or people who wish me fail, created very strong and intense energies and inner strength for me to push myself forward, to […]

More Amazon Associates Affiliate Commission 13th October 2016

Following my $2.95 initial Amazon Associates commissions, followed by being kicked out of Amazon Associates a couple of hours later, to my email and wait for another 10+ hours, then being reinstated later – that was some 12-hours whirlwind for me! But interestingly, just after that, I checked my amazon account and my commissions are […]

Amazon Scare: Settled (Whew!!!)

So…I shared about my $2.95 commission from being an Amazon Associate…and was pretty happy…and then it all came crashing down when a couple of hours later, Amazon sent me an email stating they’re revoking my associate status. I was dumbfounded (though I tried to play it cool with my wife), and it bothered me a […]

Scary Email From Amazon

A couple of hours after I was dancing with glee for making $2.95 from Amazon, Amazon Associates dropped me this scary email: Thank you for your interest in the Amazon Associates Program. We have completed our review of your application to the Amazon Associates Program, which included a visit to the website where you planned […]