The Power Of Focus: A Preliminary Thought

The word “focus” and “attention” has been staying and holding strongly in my mind for the past few months.

Focus, according to, means

a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity

I would say that the benefits of being able to focus is tremendous, and whatever one focuses on will grow in shape, size and stability, given the level of attention on holds over it, coupled with effective actions.

An example is two same plants, can you imagine the stark contrast when:

  • plant A is given sunlight, trimmed and pruned, watered, given fertilizers, weeds removed as opposed to
  • plant B that is ignored, left alone

Which do you think will survive or thrive?

Of course Plant A.

Yes yes, it may be simplistic in nature, but it’s really true. It’s a simple truth.

Whatever you put your mind and effort to, will flourish. And this applies to all areas of your life, including health, work, money, business, career, etc.

And the more you focus, the more powerful the end results and processes will be.

I will be putting more thoughts into focus, and make this into a series.

The day my heart melted

On 24th September 2014, Wednesday morning, I found out the gender of our baby that Louise is carrying.

It’s a girl.

I can’t put to words how happy I was. Not that I won’t like having sons. Just that, this one, made me exuberantly happy.

It’s a deep seated joy, mixed with gratitude, hope, love – I was smiling ear to ear (I think) – I am happy. Even as I write this, I still say I’m happy. My heart melts, and seems to have melted to a goop on the floor.

Like a puddle.

Pa, you’re going to be a grandfather to a girl – a grand-daughter for you! How I wished you are still around, to play with your grandchildren, to teach them things that you know and have experienced, use the grandchildren to teach us (your children) a lesson…I’ll do my best to be the best father I can be, like you did.