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Wealthy Affiliate Does Not Refund Prepaid Membership Amounts

I shared in an earlier series of posts called 2017: Need to focus and focus I Just Pulled My Membership From Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Provide Refunds =( In summary, I had too many websites/providers on my hand (about 30+ websites across 3 providers) and with a new baby coming on board, I need […]

How do websites make money?

Right now if you don’t already have a blog or a website, maybe you have this question: How on earth do websites and blogs make money? I’ve been asked this so many times…if I just get $1 each time I get asked this question, I’d be swimming in money by now hahahaha. Maybe you’ve been […]

Wealthy Affiliate Quick Review

Have you run ever chanced across the Wealthy Affiliate University? Or the Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community? Or you’ve heard of it and am now trying to figure out if you want to join or think it might be a scam? Read my full WA review before you decide (this is my short WA review […]

9th January 2017 Xtend Life Affiliate Commission

This is one of my Xtend Life affiliate commissions. Receiving such “You’ve made an affiliate commission” and “You’ve been paid” always brings a smile to my face as it tells me that all my hard work to build an online business has paid off, and I’ve served yet another happy customer….and it always make me […]

Use Acquisition Versus Making Money: Which is more important?

So…I find it deeply fascinating to read and see about venture capitalist companies pumping money into tech start ups which focus a lot on getting X and Y amount of users. In fact, I was in a very short-lived pre-start up that focused a lot on the local market, and one of the co-founders also […]