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Defiance: The Importance Of People Who Don’t Believe In You

There’s many out there who won’t believe in you or your abilities, your services, or downright dislike you. And if you’re in a situation where you feel uneasy because someone don’t like you, and they communicate that to you verbally or through their actions, don’t get too hung up on it. Remember, it’s often their […]

Need And Purposes Of The Passive Income Lifestyle

If you’re seeking passive income, you’d definitely have heard of how many individuals are living “The Passive Income Lifestyle” – doing whatever they want, going wherever they want to, and often it’s associated with lots of money and fast life and glitzy places. I’m sorta in transition from half traditional income and half passive income, […]

Pa Would Be Amused and Intrigued

I was just thinking – my late old man was also quite interested in health supplementing – I would see lots of his supplements around the house, and I roughly recall throughout the years that he would show me a new supplement and explain to me its benefits and what it does for the body. […]

As I grow older…

…I find that as I gather more life experiences, read more books, meet more people, think and pray more, my opinions start to firm up and I become increasingly focused on things that I want and move away from things I don’t want/don’t care about. #1 Doing Things I Actually Care About (Meaningful To Me) […]

My Hope For XtendHealthAsia.com

I had my first inspirational meeting with Warren, CEO and founder of Xtend-Life in December 2015, and it was then that my eyes – and mind – first opened to the possibility of doing a proper natural health supplement affiliate business, rather than pursuing MLM/network marketing. Instead of rushing or going into things abruptly (like […]