Welcoming My Firstborn Daughter, Olivia Into This World

Hi all! I’ve been away since 28th Jan 2015 because 20150128_211558our firstborn daughter, Olivia, came into this world that morning.

That was the beginning of a significant change in our lives – everything changes. Louise had to stop working, so we scrambled to get people to takeover her role, position and patients in the clinics; did handovers to accounts so that accounts can be managed by someone else.

I have no idea what it’d be like to carry my own baby in my hands…until I’ve carried her. I wanted to blog earlier about this, but having to handle the business alone now with Louise in confinement, launching 2 clinics soon, baby duties and night feeding – these all take a toll on my time – don’t get me wrong, I’m still very happy to be a father, but I’ve just less time on my hands.

Olivia is growing beautifully and strong, she started being able to do “push ups” around 1 week old, and she has a voracious appetite! She drinks loads of milk, yet doesn’t seem to gain much weight – I pray that she has the skinny genes, and that she wouldn’t have to struggle with weight like me =D

Send you more pictures later ok =D

Losing another 0.5 kilos and onwards towards my goal of 80 kilos

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Following my decision to cut sugar out from my life/diet, I lost 4 kilos in the first 5 weeks from 94.4 to 90.4 kilos, and recently, during my wife’s gynae appointment (it’s always measured then as there is a digital one there…and since I’m there…), and about 2 weeks after that, on 16th January 2015, I measured myself again and I had dropped to 88.9 kgs, which is a further drop of 0.5 kilos – not much, but simple joys.

I didn’t do anything extra, no extra gym sessions, no longer gym sessions, each sessions still lasts about 45 minutes.

Total weight loss in 7 weeks: 4.5 kilos

Am looking forward to continuing my weight loss and hit 80 kilos by end of this year, which I think should be achievable.

2015: The Year Of Unapologetic Mastery

In a recent post where I reminisced over 2014: Reflections, I shared with you that I will write about the projections for 2015, and I want to introduce to you that 2015 will be the year of unapologetic mastery.

2015 will be dedicated to mastery, and there will be no apologies or being apologetic about mastery. Mastery over your psychology, physique and progress.

The visions of NigelChua.com today is:

  • Financial Freedom – dedicated to achieving, maintaining financial freedom in your life such that finances no longer worries you, forever. I will cover the ways I think about it, and my progress.I had written before on shifting gears to passive income and on Passive Income, and I’ve managed to create a semi passive income business (with the help of a super supportive wife, super therapists whom I’m proud to call friends, and an awesome God), and I want to take it to the next level, by being and becoming an investor who can live off his portfolio’s passive income.A simplistic fundamental understanding of how I have been doing it is to first establish a starting vehicle that is either a career or a business that can create/set aside funds for investment, where my dollars can work harder for me, for our family’s future.

    It’d look something like this:

    Career/Business + Prudence >> Savings >>
    Paper Investments AND/OR Stable Hard Assets

    Currently we don’t have enough to invest in stable hard assets, given the property market in Singapore is highly priced, and if we want to invest in property, we can only buy 1 property, and still take a loan on it, which is not my preference at this point in time. I want something less risky, no loans.

    So because of that, I will first look into investing into very, very stable and low risk paper assets that is also low cost to invest.

    Now that I’ve established a fairly secure vehicle that creates some savings for me, I am exploring methods of investing that will/must (1) principal amount invested MUST be protected, anything that is risky I will not consider; (2) capital gains must come and (3) there must be dividends or payouts. I have an extremely low risk appetite when it comes to investing, I want a SURE WIN approach. I do not want to do active trading at all.

    As of today, I am exploring the approaches of low-cost index funds on an either Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) or Lump Sum Investment (LSI), and I am looking to hold for 20 – 50 years, or more.

    I am scheduled to go for a course on 31st January 2015 to broaden and deepen my understanding of paper assets investing.

    Of course, my business will not be neglected; in fact, I’ll be spending much more time growing the business as I’m scheduling more time and dedicated to growing the business high double digit growths per year, as the fundamentals is to take care of the fundamental business/career – without this, there’s nothing to talk about in investing. So build your business and career first so that you can have surplus or savings which you can invest, if you’re barely beginning, put all your time, effort and focus there first, rather than splitting your heads over two large goals.

  • Faith – I am unashamed about my love and faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of myself, my wife and my household. We shall serve Him all the days of our lives. Faith is required in all levels of living, be it basic day to day, or at high levels, and faith is what that keeps me going, on top of hope and love.I attend City Harvest Church Singapore, and I am unashamed about it, after seeking the truths and finding out the true story of all the recent scandals revolving around the church. I stand by the church and leadership, despite it all, I believe more in God today than yesterday. Yes, there are ways they could have done better, but we always are smarter in retrospect. We can only continue to pray for God’s grace, mercy and deliverance.
  • Fatherhood & Family – as we embark on being new parents, having lost a parent recently, and trying to keep the family together, my perspective of family is it is a vital 33% of our lives, and it deserves attention to how we can be better parents, childrens, siblings and friends to one another.I would like to be able to spend more time with my loved ones, and especially with my daughter, despite my busy schedule.
  • Fitness – although this is not written as part of the focus of the blog, I wrote recently that I lost 4 kgs after 8 weeks of cutting out about 75% of sugars and carbohydrates from my diet, and in the same blog post, I also wrote how I actually schedule 4-6 days of gym exercises (alternating between cardiovascular and resistive training). In 2015 and beyond, I am fixing my exercise days to be weekdays (5 weekdays per week) before my work starts, I find this the best fit for me, as it has more or less become part of my schedule (now I no longer have to think “if I have to go to gym” – I just go to gym). I aim to hit 80 kg weight (as of 11th Jan 2015 I am 90.4 kg)

2015 is the year of unapologetic mastery over business/careers, finance, faith, fatherhood and family relationships and fitness. I will share with you with as much details I can.

PS: I do think unapologetic mastery sounds very much like Ramit’s version, and I am pretty sure I am strongly influenced by him and his works, but I cannot think of a better name for now.

Truly, let 2015 be the year of unapologetic mastery.

What are your hopes, dreams and plans for mastery in 2015? Tell me – I read every comment.

Looking Back At 2014: Reflections

Earlier in 2014, I wrote a post called 2014: The Year Of Focus, Resilience And Progress, where I covered on points highlighting the year of increasing our focus, our resilience, and onwards towards a progress-driven life.

Little did I know, truly the theme truly came to life for us.

#1 – We Finally Went For Our Honeymoon, After 5 Years Of Marriage

Louise and myself could finally afford the time and money to go for our honeymoon, after 5 years of being married. I’ve always joked how “I’m so glad Louise doesn’t leave me” but seriously, I am very, very grateful to Louise for her love, patience, understanding and grace as we built up our lives and business.

It was a fantastic, fantastic honeymoon, that is filled with so much fun, memories – it was amazing.

#2 – My Father Passed Away 24 Days After Our New Zealand Trip

24 days after we returned from our New Zealand trip, my beloved father, Daddy Daniel (I dedicated a page to him here), passed away very abruptly within 2 weeks in an unforeseen and short 14 days of battling for his life, of short-lived hopes, for a seemingly hard-to-treat-and-diagnose lung condition. We brought him from a private hospital in JB to Gleneagles ICU, where the battle was daily, and our families bonded together in prayers for him.

Yet, papa was called to the Lord, and I give thanks to God for papa, for the last silent lunch I could have with papa, for all that he has done, for the years I had with him, though I grieve for the years I no longer have with him. Pa, you’re my hero, and I miss you so, so, so much. Words fail me.

My last words of papa was that he asked me to enjoy the fruits of my labor, after seeing how hard Louise and myself work night and day from day 1, when I was apprehensive to travel to New Zealand as that would mean lost of income opportunities. But I’m glad I got to go, but I’m sad I couldn’t bring him along, for wherever we went in New Zealand, I thought much about papa and how much he’d enjoy New Zealand, and when I came back, I told him I want to take him go to New Zealand in 2015 April. He passed away 24 days after we returned from New Zealand.

It felt so terrible, to come from a state of such happiness following our honeymoon, to such a low, low state of loss and grief. It was extremely terrible, even now as I write this.

Pa, I miss you, I love you, I want to see you, I want to touch you, I want to hold you, I want to hear your voice. Oh God, I miss you papa.

#3 – We Had To Let Go Of Four Incompatible Persons In Our Practice

These were nice people as friends to hang out with, but for business and work, they were incompatible with the DNA and culture of the business of high level quality and accountability. I wish them all the best and happiness wherever they are today.

#4 – I’m Going To Be A Father!

In May 2014, we found out that Louise was pregnant via a home testing kit, and we went to see a gynae to confirm – yes, Louise is indeed pregnant! The estimated due date (EDD) is 14th February 2015, and I am so looking forward to her (it’s a girl!) coming to this world.

I cannot describe what joy is in my heart to know I’ve a daughter coming soon, and I am very, very excited to welcome her and guide her through this world, and introduce her to Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

#5 – Phenomenal Business Growth

Despite having to remove four incompatible personnels, yet our private physiotherapy practice growth for this year very ridiculously high, in the multiples of 100%.

I do believe the few factors that contributed to this was because we spent a lot of time building the foundation, carefully selecting only select and high quality therapists to work with us, we prayed a lot and gave to church, we kept serving.

These are the 5 main pillars of 2014, upon looking back, and given the 5 different situations, I would say that it’s really the learning of focus, resilience and progress that led us through the 5 situations.

I believe that 2015 will be filled with a Renewed Vision, for us here with Louise, myself and our baby girl, and I hope for the best for you and your loved ones for 2015 as well. I will write a bit more about the year of 2015 in a bit.

How has your 2014 been? What worked and what didn’t? What were the hopes you had? And what did come to pass?