The day my heart melted

On 24th September 2014, Wednesday morning, I found out the gender of our baby that Louise is carrying.

It’s a girl.

I can’t put to words how happy I was. Not that I won’t like having sons. Just that, this one, made me exuberantly happy.

It’s a deep seated joy, mixed with gratitude, hope, love – I was smiling ear to ear (I think) – I am happy. Even as I write this, I still say I’m happy. My heart melts, and seems to have melted to a goop on the floor.

Like a puddle.

Pa, you’re going to be a grandfather to a girl – a grand-daughter for you! How I wished you are still around, to play with your grandchildren, to teach them things that you know and have experienced, use the grandchildren to teach us (your children) a lesson…I’ll do my best to be the best father I can be, like you did.


It Isn’t About The Money

All the fun in entrepreneurship and Urbanrehab isn’t really about the money.

Yes, we do pay our therapist very well and yet still have enough to take care of our own expenses.

Yeah, we do have more than we had before, we can now buy more chips, treat friends and loved ones to meals without thinking like a thousand times, but really, entrepreneurship isn’t all about the money.

True, money’s great for many things.

…but the most important thing is that the freedom that we have, to do the best we can for our patients, our doctors, our therapists.

Though there are stresses and difficulties, yet, I’m happy, when we do the level best that we can provide, and they are grateful and happy.

I can’t put the emotions and thoughts to words, but I can try to describe to you -

I feel really, really glad, that we’ve built this. I am so glad we have the opportunity to do this.

It’s a kind of deep, deep joy, not like those quick laughs when you see a funny video or hear a funny joke, but it’s a kind of very warm, fuzzy sort of happiness, that’s deep inside.

And that’s what that keeps me going.