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As I grow older…

…I find that as I gather more life experiences, read more books, meet more people, think and pray more, my opinions start to firm up and I become increasingly focused on things that I want and move away from things I don’t want/don’t care about. #1 Doing Things I Actually Care About (Meaningful To Me) […]

My Hope For XtendHealthAsia.com

I had my first inspirational meeting with Warren, CEO and founder of Xtend-Life in December 2015, and it was then that my eyes – and mind – first opened to the possibility of doing a proper natural health supplement affiliate business, rather than pursuing MLM/network marketing. Instead of rushing or going into things abruptly (like […]

Teething issues with XtendHealthAsia.com and Xtend-Life

I’ve been pretty much working on XtendHealthAsia.com whenever I’ve free time since I started it on 1st January 2016, and I’ve been pretty much on fire – I’ve relentlessly built pages and articles, launched a press release (with some mistakes that Xtend Life helped correct me – thanks XL) and continued building till 17th February […]

2nd Inspirational Meeting with Warren Matthews Xtend-Life Founder

I had another meeting with Warren (CEO of Xtend-Life) as he stopped over in Singapore, and I must say, meeting him is usually pretty educational and inspirational – I really like his dedication to quality, affordability and to his own health. I mean, take a look at the a man, man. He’s 70. He’s buff, […]