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Funny Conversation About MLM and Poor Habits

I am thinking of writing a post on how my growing disdain for multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, and that’d be a post that is coming soon, but today I wanted to share with you a particularly funny conversation today between two individuals over lunch. I didn’t purposely want to eaves drop, but it was a […]

Xtend Life Affiliate Commission 21 September 2016

This is one of my Xtend Life affiliate commissions. Receiving such “You’ve made an affiliate commission” and “You’ve been paid” always brings a smile to my face as it tells me that all my hard work to build an online business has paid off, and I’ve served yet another happy customer….and it always make me […]

SellHealth Affiliate Commission 20th September 2016

This is one of my SellHealth affiliate commissions. Such emails indicating I’ve made affiliate commissions still always make me happy, no matter how often I’d receive it – it still makes me smile, and that my hard work online is paying off, I look forward to many more happy clients and commissions =) For me […]

The Trouble With Dividend Stocks

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dividend stocks. I mean, I love the passive income that comes from all the profit surplus that I inject into dividend stock investing, and in Singapore, not only dividends and capital gains are tax free (thank you Singapore) but the dividends are wired straight into my bank account […]

Make Money Online In Singapore

Are you a fellow Singaporean living in Singapore who’s looking for opportunities to learn and make money online be it to have extra supplementary income, or to quit your job and work from home? If you said yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place – I am here to help. […]

Protect Yourself and Children From Haze: Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier

  We bought two of the Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier units and placed them in our flagship physiotherapy and rehab centers in Singapore, to run the entire time the clinics are operational, and especially during the haze periods from Indonesia and Malaysia. The sales agent had explained to me that comparing the the […]